Website Updates

Note to self: Part of maintaining a website is maintaining regular back-ups so that when you do an update that might make the entire site delete itself, you’ve got back-ups to restore the work you lost.

Fortunately, I’m on winter break and I was planning on doing updates to the site, anyway, so here we are, getting the work done to make the website look nice an contain useful information.

So, in the last couple of days, I’ve:

  • Restored/Updated the About Me, Writing, and Crochet pages
  • Restored the Twitch feed to the homepage
  • Added a Twitch schedule calendar so you can see when I’m streaming next
  • Written this post, telling you about these updates

Next on my list is cleaning up the home page text, and then finishing up some products to add to my Etsy store. I’ll be waiting to actually post listings until early January, when I’ll be better situated to print labels and ship fun crochet things, but you can expect a lot of dice bag listings soon!

a tote bag full of crochet dice bags
This bag is full to the brim with dice bags that just need drawstrings — I’ve been hoarding 😅

Now Fox and Lilly have been waiting all morning for me to say it’s warm enough for us to go on a walk–and it’s probably not going to get much warmer today. (Chilly mid-40s here in the Bay!) So, off I go to walk the dogs and do some non-website-related chores.

Keep weaving,


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