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Stephanie Gildart has been writing fantasy and science fiction for as long as she can remember. Growing up near Seattle, she checked out so many books that she memorized her library card number. She received her MA/MFA in Children’s Literature and Writing for Children from the Simmons University. When she isn’t writing or teaching middle schoolers, she loves to crochet amigurumi dolls, play tabletop games, and explore other creative things. She lives in the Bay Area with her dogs Fox and Lilly, who remind her enjoy a nice walk outside every day (as long as it isn’t raining).

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Woo! I stream in three hours with better, faster, stronger internet speeds! BYOP (bring your own project) and come do creative things with me at 5 PM Pacific!


I am excited to stream tonight with my much much stronger internet connection <3

Problems happen. We troubleshoot them. We move forward!

I just love Ixi.

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Oooh dragonslaying sisters! https://t.co/ie3zUDC0f8
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Destiny Soria @TheDestinySoria
It's my birthday!! 🎈🎉 If you want to give me the best present ever, you could pre-order FIRE WITH FIRE (June 9), featuring dragon-slaying sisters and sexy sociopath sorcerers. Second-best gift would be adding to Goodreads and RTing! Links in next tweet. https://t.co/I2UMnnAcAo

I am rewatching Dr. Who, and this is one of those episodes I wish I could experience for the first time again. So eerie. So satisfying. https://t.co/lCWJtIJCVH stephgildart photo

I could get out of bed and face the day, but Lilly is snoring and she's snuggled right up against my back, and I've got books to read right here in bed, so until the call of breakfast finally tempts me out of the covers... https://t.co/QQWjQZPyBQ stephgildart photo