Published Works

Current Projects

  • Paxwood (Twitch Writing Project – Modern Fantasy): Kerry Rhys is too curious for her own good–and she’s absolutely certain there’s more magic in the world than people believe. When she goes digging into the history and lore of the little resort town she calls home, she discovers a world of prophecies and chosen ones destined to fight great evil and protect the unwitting human population from demons, vampires, ghosts, sinister fae, and other supernatural threats.

    Watch me write this on Twitch, read it over on StephWeavesTales, or join my Ko-fito keep up with the story!

  • Ethera (5E OGL Worldbuilding Project – High Fantasy): Enter Ethera, a realm of magic forged out of the chaos of creation by powerful Titan Elements, and shaped by nine sibling gods. Etheran stories are stories of balance–the balance between hope and fear, Light and Dark, Life and the After. In the current era, the Central Lands achieved something of a balance after an intense period of war where the Azzaran Empire attempted to conquer all the Central Lands, but over time, the peace has grown more tenuous, and chaos has started once again to creep in from the outermost edges of the realm. Embark on adventure, seek the blessings of the Etheran gods in Ethera.

  • A Ring of Secrets (YA Sci-fi, Revising for Traditional Query): Seventeen-year-old aro-ace Nix is a maker. She builds things. She sees the best in people. When her actions and misplaced trust put her friends and family in danger, Nix takes to the stars to mend her mistakes.

    Wish me luck on my latest querying journey ✨