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My Crochet Story

When I was studying children’s literature in Boston, I lived in an apartment too small to accommodate my love of big sewing projects, so I turned to crochet as a creative outlet.

Mind you, the first time I tried to learn how to crochet I was a young teenager, and it was during a church youth program activity. Leftie that I am, I quickly got frustrated with trying to learn how to do crochet from right-handed people and gave up.

But by the the time I was in graduate school, YouTube was absolutely full to the brim with crochet tutorials for lefties like me, and there were plenty of amazing patterns to create available on Ravelry.

I started out using the crocodile stitch to make a whole lot of dice bags, and over time I’ve picked up more and more advanced patterns. I love creating and sharing my crochet. To see what I’m working on, check out my instagram feed!